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Let A Local Show You The best of North Florida's Nature, Wildlife, and History

Every place has a history, a story, and a unique way of life. The Wacissa River is no exception. Tucked deep back in Jefferson county, the Wacissa is one of those rare gems you just got to see. So if you're racing down Interstate 10, or US 19/27, be sure to slow down at the Jefferson county line or you're sure to pass right by one of the most beautiful rivers North Florida has to offer. Just ask a local and they'll tell you what you're missing. 

Our airboat tours offer tourists, visitors, and passersby's alike the opportunity to enjoy a slice of what North Florida has to offer with a very experienced and knowledgable USCG licensed captain.




Each of our airboat tours is curated to offer all types of explorers their own unique adventure. We are very passionate about our home and all the stories embedded in its history.  Not only do we work hard to protect our rivers and springs, but we enjoy taking it a step further and sharing with adventurers just like you! Whether you are wanting to feel the rush of an airboat or adventure to new places with lots a great history to explore, we have the tour for you. Our pristine rivers, abundant wildlife, and rich history are waiting for you with just a click away!  

Below is a brief description for all 5 Rivers Adventures. Just click the link to learn more. 

Being our most popular, our Adventure airboat tour is a 1-hour exciting ride exploring the beautiful Wacissa river. While on this ride, you are sure to see lots of wildlife, to include lots and lots of turtles, and of course the Florida alligator. We’ll visit some of Florida’s most beautiful natural springs that feed our great rivers and share some stories of the Natives who once called these parts home. We'll even stop along the way and let you cool off in Big Blue or one of the other natural springs along the Wacissa.

Minimum $225.00 (1-4 people) and $50.00 for each additional person up to 6. 

This is a 3-hour trip, approximately 16 miles. We will begin with visiting some the beautiful springs located at the head waters of the Wacissa before working our way down river, through the rapids and visiting the old trussell once used for carrying cypress timbers by rail out of the Jefferson county swamps. Our final destination will be present day Goose Pasture. Here, we’ll take a short break and stretch our legs on the banks of this premiere spot before we begin working our way back upriver. On the trip back, your captain will offer demonstrations with some of the primitive weapons used by the native Americans and view some of the largest free-standing cypresses in the world.


Minimum $400.00 (1-4 people) and $50.00 for each additional person up to 6.   

Double Dip

The Double Dip offers our guests the chance at a fresh water and saltwater adventure.  We'll spend a half day in some of the most immaculate landscapes that North Florida holds. Take a thrilling airboat ride, learn about the history, of the waters you are exploring, and let your worries be washed away by our natural springs, beautiful coast, and stories from the past.  

Minimum $500.00 (1-4 people) and $50.00 for each additional person up to 6. 


Frog Gigging(Seasonal)

Frog gigging is a sport for those more daring or just wanting to do something a little different. Just about dark, your captain will ease you out into one of our lakes or rivers and try your luck at gigging. We provide the gig and all the gear you'll need. For those more skilled, we'll put you on the frogs and let you take it from there. For those a little out of practice, our captain has no problem showing you how it's done.  Heck, we'll even clean your catch for you!  


Available Seasonally for $450.00 USD with a capacity of 5 guests.

Ready to book?

We offer customer tours through bookings only and can get you scheduled with at least a day's notice, but we do understand you may be passing through and ready to book today. If so, please call us at (850) 544-2797, or send us a quick email. Our response time is instant and we’ll work with you as best we can to get you on the boat today!


With 5 Rivers you get so much more than just an airboat get an ADVENTURE! 

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