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Adventure Airboat Tours

Exploring Best Of North Florida....
One River At A Time

Our Most Popular Airboat Adventure Tour

From the front seat of our signature airboats, this full 1-hour tour through the winding waters of the pristine Wacissa River will leave you wanting more. Come experience the great outdoors at its best. 


The Adventure Tour provides a great opportunity to see the natural and primitive wildlife Florida has to offer, including the native Florida alligator, blue herons, and the beautiful bald eagle (our personal favorite).  We'll visit the crystal-clear springs that feed our north Florida rivers and listen to the stories of the indigenous people who inhabited these parts years ago.  


This is more than just your typical "boat ride". You Captain will share his knowledge and the history of the Wacissa River and what makes this and our area rivers some of the most beautiful rivers in Florida. 

Take An Airboat Ride On The Wild Side

In this corner of north Florida, we are lucky enough to have an extremely unique river and tropical environment that all meets right in our backyard. On this airboat tour, you’ll enjoy a ride through one of our great state’s last natural strongholds. Between our natural spring-fed river systems, rare aquatic grasses, and rich history, the Wacissa River is a beautiful culmination of what Florida has to offer. 


This hidden gem isn’t staying hidden for long.

Quick Facts About Our Adventure Airboat Tour

How long is the Adventure Airboat Tour?

The entire duration of our adventure airboat tour is 1-Hour (but we usually go over). In that time, you will travel up the Wacissa River, enjoy some Florida natural springs, and be immersed in our ecosystems. We'll visit the beautiful Big Blue springs and some of the rivers most popular springs.  

What is the cost for the Adventure Airboat Tour?

We have a $225 minimum, which covers 1-4 people. For each additional person, $50.00 up to 6 people. Our fees cover the cost of fuel for running and transporting an airboat.  We do our best to keep these costs down as much as possible. 

What is some of the wildlife will we see on the Adventure Airboat Tour?

While the exact answer depends on variables like the time of year and the weather, the Adventure Airboat Tour provides you plenty of opportunity to see the Florida alligator, blue heron, many species of fish and birds, and if we are lucky, the bald eagle.

What do I need to bring on the Adventure Airboat Tour?

Ear protection and life preservers are provide with all of our tours for those that wish to wear. Bottled water or your choice of beverage is welcome, just NO GLASS BOTTLES


Contact us by calling or texting (850) 544-2797, or reach us by email at We will respond almost instantly.   

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