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Historic Airboat Tour
Goose Pasture 360

Learn About The First Floridians on this 16 mile journey

Every place has a story and the Wacissa River is no exception. Before history was ever recorded, the first nations people that inhabited what we today call Jefferson County used these rivers as their own interstate systems. We are centered in one of the most pristine regions Florida has left to offer. 5 Rivers Airboat Adventures was started for the sole purpose of preserving and sharing the beautiful landscape and rich history of north Florida. The Historic Goose Pasture 360 airboat tour takes you to place where the landscape hasn't changed much and looks almost identical to how it did centuries ago. This leisurely journey to Goose Pasture allows you to visit places along the beautiful Wacissa river that was once home to many before us.     

Quick Facts About Our Historic Airboat Tour: Goose Pasture 360

How long is the Historic Airboat Tour: Goose Pasture 360?

Your airboat captain will take you approximately 8 miles up the Wacissa River and 8 miles back.

What is the cost of the Historic Airboat Tour: Goose Pasture 360?

We have a $400 minimum, which covers 1-4 people. For each additional person, $50.00 up to 6 people. Our fees cover the cost of fuel for running and transporting an airboat. This is one of our longer tours. 

What will I do on the Historic Airboat Tour: Goose Pasture 360? 

Your airboat captain will share the stories and experiences of those who were Native to the region (pre-historic and   historical); like the Spanish, French, English, and American. 

How many people can go on the Historic Airboat Tour: Goose Pasture 360?

We can take up to 6 passengers on this airboat tour. 

Let A Local Lead The Way


A family business through and through, you’ll enjoy this historic airboat tour with Captain Bradley Cooley. After years of enjoying the river with his family and by studying the ways of the prehistoric and Natives along beside his father, Captain Bradley Cooley has a passion for sharing the rich history of these parts, so he thought taking folks on an airboat ride along these rivers and coastal waterways was a way to share and give back to the place he loves. This region is home with so much to be shared. The history here is too vast not to be appreciated by others and what better way to explore than from the front seat of a first class airboat.

Contact us by calling or texting (850) 544-2797, or reach us by email at We will respond almost instantly.  

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