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Historic Airboat Tour, Goose Pasture 360

Take A Ride And Listen To Stories About Days Gone By

Quick Facts About Our Historic Airboat Tour

How long is the Historic Airboat Tour?

On this airboat tour, you’ll spend 3 full hours with our captain exploring up and down the beautiful Wacissa river.

How far does the Historic Airboat Tour?

Your airboat captain will take you approximately 8 miles up the Wacissa River and 8 miles back to the hill.

What do you do on the Historic Airboat Tour?

Your airboat captain will share the stories and experiences of those who were Native to the region (pre-historic and historical); like the Spanish, French, English, and American. 

How many people can go on the Historic Airboat Tour?

We can take up to 6 passengers on this airboat tour. 

Historical Tour, Take A
Leisurely Historic Airboat Tour

For 3 hours, travel with our captain back to a different time. Explore 16 miles of the Wacissa River that served as one of our region's first highways long ago.  


We’ll begin by exploring a handful of Florida’s natural springs that feed our great river and work our way down through parts of the river that the Native Americans once called home. This historic airboat tour gives you a clear vision of what life was like back then. 


Maneuvering through the rapids and by the cypress trees just as they once did.  

Coming a bit closer to the present, your airboat captain will take you to visit the old tussle that was once used for carrying cypress timbers by rail out of the Jefferson county swamps.  


Our farthest destination on the river will be Goose Pasture; aka "Goose", as us locals sometimes refer to it.  Here, we’ll hop of the boat and enjoy a light refreshment (provided) and stretch our legs on the banks of this premiere spot before we begin working our way back upriver. 


As we work our way back up the river, Captain Cooley will take some time to demonstration with some of the primitive tools used by the ancient ones and view some of the largest free-standing cypresses in the world. 


The Goose Pasture 360 is a lot to take in but well worth the trip for any nature lover!


Learn About The First Floridians With Our Historic Airboat Tour

Every place has a story. The Wacissa River is no exception. Before history was ever recorded, the first nations people that inhabited what we today call Jefferson County used these rivers as their own interstate systems. 


5 Rivers Adventures is centered in one of the most pristine regions Florida has left to offer. We are able to take you to another time because this place looks almost identical to how it did then. 


Our historic airboat tour to Goose Pasture allows you to enjoy and view places along the river that was once home to those generations  


And not only does the land tell its own story, but you’ll also enjoy the stories of people who work to protect the river for years to come.

Spend A Few Hours In A Different Time, Historic Airboat Tours

Let A Local Lead The Way

A family business through and through, you’ll enjoy your historic airboat tour with Captain Bradley Cooley. After years of enjoying the river with his family and by studying the ways of the prehistoric and Natives along beside his father, Captain Cooley has a passion for sharing the rich history of these parts, so he thought taking folks on an airboat ride along these rivers and coastal waterways he'd be able to share and give back to the place he loves.  

By taking people curious about our region on airboat rides and telling stories with his sculptures, he was able to continue his father’s legacy.  Captain Cooley is also a sculptor, specializing in life size and monumental bronzes. Like his bronzes, there's a story to be told with every airboat tour.   


This region is home, and it’s too beautiful not to be shared. The history here is too vast not to be appreciated by others. 

No matter where you come from or what your story is, if you’re interested in history or just want to take an airboat ride in a new place, this adventure will not disappoint.


Preparing For Airboat Rides In Florida

We prefer 24-hour notice, but if you are hoping to book a tour for TODAY, just give us a call and we van usually make it work!  You can see future availability and book your tour here. 


We understand that Florida’s heat and humidity can challenge those who aren’t used to it (it's even a challenge to those of us that are), so if you’d like to bring extra snacks, water, or other refreshments, you are more than welcome. Your airboat captain will have a cooler on hand. 

We’d also advise you to bring sunblock or wear sun-protective gear, such as hats and sunglasses. The Florida sun is no joke.

Experience The Best Historic Airboat Tour In North Florida

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