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Frog Gigging - A Seasonal Experience

Some Of The Best Frog Gigging In N. Florida

There is nothing like catching your own dinner and for thousands of years, people have banded together, geared up, and gotten out there in search of food and fellowship. Here at 5Rivers Adventures, we offer a 3-hour experience that allows you to tap into what hunting for food once was—we just happen to use motors to get out there. 


Your captain will escort your party out into the beautiful, natural spring-fed Wacissa River, where you’ll enjoy a quick sunset before getting to the good stuff. Once the sun has set, he’ll take you to some of his best-kept secret spots for the best frog gigging in North Florida.

How This Works...

We'll head out just about dusk as the sun starts to set for some recon. While watching the beautiful sunset, we'll make our way to the spot your captain has chosen and get to gigging. Beginners are not to worry. There will be an experienced guide to help you learn your new skill, while those more experienced will have someone taking care of all the tedious tasks while you do the gigging.  


Quick Facts about our frog gigging adventure

How long does a Frog Gigging Adventure last?

Including the airboat ride to the "honey hole", the sunset, and the frog gigging, you can expect to be out there for at least 3 hrs.

How far do we travel to go Frog Gigging?

Just like hunting, it completely depends on the frogs but we will find them!

What is included in a Frog Gigging Adventure?

While all equipment is provided, we also clean and bag your catch, so all you have to do is cook it! We also provide a cooler (filled with ice) for any drinks that you may want to bring along the way. You bring it, we’ll cool it. Additionally, please feel free to bring any snacks for your party.

How many people can we bring on a Frog Gigging Adventure?

We can bring up to 5 people in one frog gigging party. 

How much does a Frog Gigging Adventure cost?

Our Frog Gigging Adventure starts at $450, which includes the gigs and all the gear. Captain Cooley will even clean your catch for you if needed.   

Contact us by calling or texting (850) 544-2797, or reach us by email at We will respond almost instantly.  

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