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Double Dip Airboat Tour

North Florida's forgotten coast has the most brilliant sunrises and sunsets because of our unique geographical location in the Big Bend. The same can be said for our local rivers and springs. Our Double Dip Airboat tour gives you the best of both. We'll spend half a day airboating on the fresh waters before heading down to the coast for some saltwater adventure. The Double Dip offers a relaxing, intimate experience for families, or a romantic get a way for couples.

Quick Facts About Our Double Dip Airboat Tour

How long is the Double Dip Airboat Tour?

3 hours (includes travel time)

What will I do on the Double Dip Airboat Tour?

We'll spend the first part of the tour in the fresh water springs of the Wacissa river before heading over to the coast where we'll visit and talk about the native Americans Indian mounds that scatter the marsh line, and the salt works and sponge industry that was the largest in Florida for over 30 years.   

What is the cost of the Double Dip Airboat Tour?

This is a customer tour starting at $500. Our fees cover the cost of fuel for running and transporting an airboat.  We do our best to keep these costs down as much as possible.  

Contact us by calling or texting (850) 544-2797, or reach us by email at We will respond almost instantly.  

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